Providing you with the best ingredients out there. The availability of ingredients may vary due to seasons and claimant. A sunny day or a stormy month may have great impact on products.  Once we set a date for the event, I will recommend to you the best ingredients out there that are at their peak quality during that time.

I draw my inspiration from the great Mediterranean cuisine, eastern Europe and Asian flavors and presentations of the far east.

“One of the main lessons I learned,
and made it my way of working,
is paying attention to details.”


Ivan Maslov, born in the early 80’s, and have been working in the fine dining industry for over 20 years. During the first years of my experience, I was lucky enough to work with the leading and more appreciated minds of the Israeli culinary community. Working with great legends has inspired me and help me earned a lot.

One of the main lessons I learned, and made it my way of working, is paying attention to details. Since then everything, that I do is in details, the ingredients I select, understanding how they behave in different combinations and environments, all leading to a fine product that leads to a satisfied guest and client.

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From 10 to 500 Guests

Let me take you in a ride of tastes and textures, a family event or just a friendly gathering.

The personal relationship we build together with the excitement that allowed me to play a part in your special event, drives me to create the best for you and your guests. Celebrate your special occasion without worrying, just wait for the compliments at the end of the event!

As part of the general experience, we will agree on general theme, direction and main raw materials, learn to get to know each other better, and as for the final dishes , you will taste at the event itself. This concept is unique and requires total dedication from your end to the process. I promise you will not be disappointed!

The variety of culinary themes ranges from an intimate feast , a casual -style meal with no restrictions to a 12-15-course chef dinner.


Constructing a menu for the dining business, mentoring and guiding the staff, regulating proper and efficient work processes and procedures, negotiations and purchasing with suppliers, mentoring and training the kitchen staff as well as the service staff.

Consulting is not just a menu – it is guidance for both financial and culinary operational success. After many years of experience in culinary management, I have managed to bring many establishment to great profit without compromising quality and service.


From time to time, occasionally … I selelct in special places and host a dining experience with a tailor-made menu for the specific place and time for one unique evening. The menue along with the location creates a unique event that leaves a taste for more. Check for updates …

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